As with so many of the local entertainment and dining guides on the web, not only will you be able to search by cuisine, price range, and location, but because we are focused just on Fairfax County, we will be tracking and maintaining schedules of events to enhance your search options.

Soon you will be able to find out what places have happy hours, what they offer and when. Also, which establishments encourage family dining or have buffets, which have a dance floor, or pool tables. The information on each restaurant/bar covers a wide range of details and makes it so easy to find the right place for what you are looking for today, even print a map if required.

We will also be keeping the schedules for these businesses. We can tell you what group is playing at what establishment on what day and at what time. A very powerful base of information that gives you details on events and specials for every day of the week. This will give you a new dimension in searching and looking for the right places to go.

With a click of the mouse you will be able to select the different types of businesses, clubs or organizations and with another click, you will see all the scheduled events for a given day or week.

Some Local Restaurants